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DigitalMint makes buying and selling digital currencies easy

How to Buy & Sell

We offer two ways to buy and sell digital currencies. Pick the option that best meets your needs.

ATMs & On-Demand Tellers

  • In-person
  • Use cash, credit or debit*
  • ATM daily limit is $8,000
  • On-Demand Teller daily limit is $20,000
  • Instant transaction

Product Highlight

You can visit any of our 112 nationwide locations to buy bitcoin. We offer the following options:

  • Our ATMs

    Let you insert cash and buy bitcoins in minutes. You can also sell bitcoin for cash at select locations. It’s that easy!

  • Our Tellers

    Will walk you through the process of buying and selling bitcoin. It's as easy as loading a prepaid debit card.

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Why People Us

Besides being awesome, people love us because...

Safe & Secure Transactions

Your security is our number one priority. We employ state-of-the art practices to keep your information safe.

Customer Support

Talk to real people, who know digital currencies and who have been where you are. Have a question? Give us a call (855) 274-2900. Or checkout our

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Your Privacy Matters

We are committed to your privacy. Any information you share with us is encrypted and handled securely.

Learn More

There is more to learn about digital currencies, but don't worry we have you covered.
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Bitcoin Basics

We understand bitcoin can be confusing at first. Don’t worry we’re here to help. Our Bitcoin Basic series will get you up to speed in no time! Start it today

Buying and Spending Digital Currencies

Did you know Microsoft, Overstock, and Zynga accept bitcoin? Those are just to name a few. Using bitcoin is easy to buy and sell once you have a wallet you trust. Most of our customers use Jaxx or Mycelium BTC wallets. These wallets allow you to store your currency securely and directly on your device.

Then your bitcoin is readily available at your fingertips to send wherever you’d like! Simply hit “send” or “receive” in your wallet and use the unique QR code to securely transact with your bitcoin.

Selling & Accepting Digital Currencies

Are you a location owner? Interested in growing your revenue? Learn how easy it is to host a Digital Mint service in your location, and how selling bitcoin can increase revenue! Learn more today.