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ATM Markup Rates - as of November 2017

  • $0 - $250


  • $251 - $750


  • $751 - $1,500


  • $1,501 - $2,000


  • $2,001 - $2,500


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Teller Markup Rates - as of November 2017

We apply a 12% flat markup rate. Reductions are available. Contact us today to learn more. Click to Call or email us.


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*These markup rates are described as the average markup rate above the institutional spot index of bitcoin (BTC) and will vary depending upon volatility. Additionally, spot indexes used to calculate vary depending upon accuracy and efficiency such as BitcoinAverage, Gemini, Coinbase, & GDAX. Based on current volatility these markup rates are subject to change.

Great news! We will match or beat ANY Cash-to-BTC competitors' markup rates with proof of purchase. Please email your phone number and an image of the competitor's receipt from your transaction to support@digitalmint.io