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Are Bitcoin ATMs and teller windows safe?

Yes, DigitalMint Bitcoin ATM and Teller Window locations are safe. At DigitalMint, customer safety is our number one priority. Similar to a traditional ATM at a bank, we recommend customers take measures to ensure their safety and security.

Customer Safety

Just like transacting at a regular ATM, be mindful of your surroundings and any suspicious activity.

All DigitalMint Bitcoin ATMs and Teller Window locations are clearly labeled, as well as the businesses that they occupy.

If you have any concerns about the ATM or Teller location that you’re transacting at, feel free to call our Customer Support team to verify that DigitalMint operates the location.

DigitalMint’s Responsibility

DigitalMint also takes every possible measure to protect customers against scams and fraud. As a registered Money Services Business, we adhere to all federal banking regulations. If you think you may be a victim of fraudulent activity, contact our Customer Support team immediately.

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