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Government Impersonation Bitcoin Scam

Many scams seen today involve people impersonating government officials or officers of policing organizations. The most common that we see are customers being contacted by scammers pretending to represent the Social Security Administration, the US Marshals/local police, and the IRS (especially around tax season).

Does the federal government call you for Bitcoin? No, none of these organizations will EVER call you to ask for Bitcoin for any purpose! The US government does not recognize Bitcoin as an official currency, nor do any governmental organizations. Police or any agents of policing organizations will never call you directly and threaten arrest, demand money, or promise to keep your funds safe as Bitcoin.

Anyone who contacts you with such claims should be disregarded and reported to local law enforcement as it is a scam.

IRS Agent Impersonation

This involves the scammer posing as an IRS agent, then calling and/or emailing the victim. The scammer will threaten the victim with jail time if the victim does not comply and immediately send Bitcoin to the scammer to cover “money owed”.

Variations also include the scammer offering alternative payment options such as Visa prepaid cards and retail gift cards.

Social Security Impersonation

The popular Social Security Scam starts with contact by a scammer typically impersonating a local police officer or US Marshal. They will say your Social Security Number has been connected to a series of crimes in another state. They will threaten the victim with immediate arrest and jail time if money is not moved into what they call a “secure account” to hold the funds until the investigation is completed.

They may also request payment via gift cards or prepaid cards.

Immigration Authority Impersonation

This scam targets immigrants, particularly undocumented individuals with the threat of being deported if a sum is not paid in bitcoin. These scammers often impersonate an official from the consulate of an individual's country of citizenship, or pose as a US Immigration authority such as USCIS , ICE, or Homeland Security.

Police and law enforcement agencies will also never call or email in regards to your personal finances, or to alert you of an investigation in that manner.