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How to solve your issue

There are three ways you can resolve your issue. We recommend checking out our Frequently Asked Questions section first. There is a chance someone else has had the same issue and we’ve got an answer there. Otherwise, give us a call or submit a support ticket. We love hearing from our customers.


What are your customer support hours?

Our support hours are Monday thru Friday 9am - 8pm central time. Saturday and Sunday we're available from 9am - 5pm.

What digital currencies do you offer?

At the moment our ATM and Tellers locations offer Bitcoin for purchase. Select locations allow you to sell your bitcoins for cash. Find one near you today!

How do your ATMs work?

If you’re a new customer, you’ll have to register an account with us (see below). Then all you need is cash and your bitcoin wallet to receive your bitcoins!

Do I need to register to buy bitcoin from your ATMs? If so, what information do you need?

You need to provide us with government-issued ID. A cell-phone capable of receiving text messages. We take your privacy seriously, for more info see our Terms & Conditions.

How long does the registration approval process take?

Registration approval is within 5 minutes. If they are any issues we will text or call you with the number you provided.

Is there a minimum amount of bitcoin that I can buy from your ATMs?

Our ATM locations have a $10 minimum. Our Teller locations do not have a minimum.

I want to purchase more than $2,500 at once. Is this possible?

Yes. Our ATM and select Teller locations allow you to purchase up to $8,000 per day.

What are your rates?

Vist our Rates page here to see rates for our ATMs and On-Demand teller locations. You can also calculate how much your next purchase will be.

Can I exchange bitcoins for cash?

Yes. At select ATM and Teller locations. Find one near you today!

What’s a Bitcoin wallet? How do I get one?

Think of it as the wallet or purse you carry today. The only difference is it's on your mobile phone. On top of that, it's more secure and instead of storing cash, cards and other things it stores bitcoins.

They are a lot of options for Bitcoin wallets. We recommend Jaxx and Blockchain. If you would like to do your own research we recommend as a starting place.

How do I get bitcoins off of a paper wallet?

Getting bitcoins off a paper wallet is easy. But a few things may differ depending on the Bitcoin wallet oyou choose. Below are links to instructions for the wallets we recommend.

Why aren’t my bitcoins showing up?

All our transactions are instant. If you don't see your new bitcoins instantly here might be the reason.

  • Was your purchase under $80? If so, it will take 10-20 minutes longer. Why? They are mining fees for Bitcoin transactions. We batch all purchases under $80 to give you get better rates.
  • A lot of times the wallet you're using needs to be refeshed. Close the application on your phone, wait a minute and open it back up. Some wallets don't show transactions until they are confirmed on blockchain. This usually takes 10 minutes. You can always check your transaction on Take your wallet address and use it to search for your transaction.

How do I request/receive and send Bitcoin?

First you need to have a Bitcoin wallet - you should if you've purchased bitcoins before. If you don't have a wallet see the FAQ about Bitcoin wallets.

The process is the same for every wallet. The difference will be the look and location of the following tools in each wallet.

  • Step 1. Locate the RECEIVE section in your wallet.
  • Step 2. You need to share your public address to the person or company sending you Bitcoin. Think of this address it as a one off email address that accepts Bitcoin. In your wallet there will be a button to generate a new address. Click it.
  • Step 3. Some wallets will do this step for you, but others require you do it manually. The manual process requires that you copy the newly generated public address and send it to the person or company. Make sure it's not your private key. If anyone get access to your private key it's like them having your wallet and purse full of cash and cards. You can't get it back, unless they are give it back.
  • Step 4. Once the other party sends you the Bitcoin, you should see it in your wallet instantly. You can confirm it on the Take your wallet address and use it to search for your transaction.

I plan on purchasing a lot of bitcoin frequently. Can I get a better rate?

Yes. If you join our loyalty program we offer special rate reductions. Call us today to learn more. Click to Call