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Customer Support

We’re available via phone and live chat on weekdays, and email 7 days a week!

  • Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am-8pm (CST)
  • Phone Number: (855) 274-2900
  • Email: support@digitalmint.io

How to solve your issue

There are four ways you can resolve your issue. We recommend checking out our Frequently Asked Questions section first. Otherwise, give us a call or submit a support ticket. We love hearing from our customers.


How does this work?

Getting started

DigitalMint Bitcoin ATMs and Teller Windows are a quick and easy way to exchange cash for Bitcoin! If you are brand new to Bitcoin(BTC) and cryptocurrencies we would encourage you to check out the website CoinDesk before making any investments, and read through their robust new users guide called “Blockchain 101.”

What you’ll need

  • A Bitcoin Wallet: This is the digital wallet where you will store your BTC. There is a wide variety of options to choose from. DigitalMint customers typically use Blockchain, BRD, Green Address, and Jaxx wallets to store their cryptocurrency. However, it is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence regarding digital currency wallet options.
  • Valid photo ID.
  • Cell phone with text message capabilities.


If you’re a new customer you’ll first be asked to register an account with with us at the ATM or Teller location. This requires your valid photo ID and a phone number that we can text message with your account information. The entire process takes about 5 minutes. Rest assured, DigitalMint takes customer information and privacy very seriously. For more information please view our Terms of Service.


  • ATM: Type in your phone number and the PIN number that you created during registration. Then scan or enter your bitcoin wallet address. Finally, insert the desired amount of cash into the ATM and receive your receipt.
  • TELLER: Give your phone number to the business representative and they’ll scan your bitcoin wallet address or enter it manually. Then hand them the amount you wish to transact or, at select locations, swipe your credit/debit card before printing you a receipt for the transaction!

Our daily transaction limit is $20,000 for both ATMs and Tellers. In order to purchase more than $5,000 of Bitcoin, you will need to provide your social security number for additional verification. Transactions are limited to $2,500 each, but transactions may be performed back-to-back to achieve larger total purchases.

Purchases from DigitalMint are typically very fast! Purchases over $300 are usually seen reflected in the wallet within 15 minutes or less, while smaller purchases may take 30-45 minutes to receive.

For a breakdown of our rates, please visit the rates page of our website here where you can find a handy chart and rate calculator!


Why isn’t my Bitcoin showing up in my wallet?

We send Bitcoin instantly once your purchase is made. This means that typically your transaction will be reflected in your wallet within 15 minutes or less after purchase. If it’s taking longer than that, the reason might be:

  1. Transactions under $300 get batched together with other smaller purchases, which can sometimes take about 45 minutes to be reflected in your wallet.
  2. A lot of times the wallet you're using simply needs to be refreshed! Just close out the application on your phone, and then open it back up.
  3. Some wallets don't show transactions until they are confirmed on the blockchain, so even though we send your Bitcoin instantly, you may not see it right away. You can always check your transaction on blockchain.info or blockcypher.com. Use your wallet address to search for your transaction.
  4. If there’s a separate problem, or if the transaction is not showing up on the blockchain, give us a call at 855-274-2900 and our Customer Support team can help you out!

How do I get Bitcoin from a paper wallet?

Transferring Bitcoin to your digital wallet from a paper wallet is easy! The process can differ slightly depending on which wallet you use, so we suggest reading the instructions the specific wallet’s website.

Requesting and Sending bitcoin from your wallet

The process is the same for every Bitcoin wallet. The differences will be only in the look and location of the following items in each wallet.

  1. Locate the RECEIVE section in your wallet.
  2. Share your public address with the person sending you Bitcoin. Think of this address as an email address that accepts Bitcoin. In your wallet, select the option to generate a new public address.
  3. Copy the newly generated public address and send it to the person that is sending you Bitcoin. Make sure you do not share your private key, or your funds could be stolen.
  4. Once the other person sends you Bitcoin, you should see it in your wallet instantly. You can confirm it on blockchain.info or blockcypher.com. Use your wallet address to search for your transaction.

Scams to be aware of

We want you to feel safe about your money. As an emerging and fast-growing technology we understand that bitcoin and cryptocurrency can be confusing and we’re here to help! Bitcoin is non-refundable and non-retrievable once it is sent. If you do not know the person or entity that you are sending Bitcoin to, please call our Customer Support team. We're happy to help out before any funds are sent.


  • Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, so never send to someone you do not trust or know. A scammer asking you to send Bitcoin to a wallet they control means they can avoid reciprocating their end of the exchange once they have the your Bitcoin. Remember the old saying, “If it appears too good to be true, it probably is,” when investing with Bitcoin.
  • A government agency or police department will NEVER ask you for Bitcoin.
  • A government agency or police department will NEVER call you directly inquiring about payments.
  • Scammers frequently prey on emotions such as fear of reprisal or excitement for an opportunity. Always do your research or call our Customer Support team if you have any questions or concerns!

Below is a list of the most common Bitcoin scams

Ebay Motors

This scam involves the potential sale of vehicles from one person to the next. This scam is extremely common and more detailed information from eBay themselves may be found here: Ebay security.

Scammers on Craigslist, upwork, etc. may ask to process a transaction through “eBay” and will send an email that appears like it's from eBay requesting Bitcoin as payment. Do not complete any payment unless it is through the official eBay payment portal. If there are any doubts, confirm your transaction and the accounts with eBay directly before completing a purchase.


Similar to the eBay scam, scammers will ask customers to pay them via Bitcoin instead of through the Airbnb site. AirBnb does not accept bitcoin and all payments to renters should be made through the official AirBnb payment portal. Always contact the company support line directly if there are doubts or concerns.

IRS Scam

There are many variations of this scam, but all of them involve the scammer calling and/or emailing the victim and posing as an IRS agent. The scammer will threaten the victim with jail time if the victim does not comply and immediately send Bitcoin to the scammer to cover “money owed”. US Government agencies do not recognize Bitcoin as a currency and will never ask you for it or over the phone or by email. Variations also include the scammer offering alternative payment options such as Visa prepaid cards and retail gift cards.

Rental Costs

Numerous scams exist where a down payment for a rental property is requested via Bitcoin, despite the individual not having the authority to rent the gear/space/etc or actually possessing the item. It is best to not make an initial rental payment to an unknown individual using Bitcoin.

New Jobs Scams

Scammers will ask for payment in Bitcoin for representation at a “talent/job agency” or for them to purchase “job materials” for you. Legitimate talent and job agencies will never ask you for upfront/down payments as they make their money in percentage based cuts from things they book for you.

Remittance Returns

The scammer will send you money, typically via check, and have you deposit the funds into their private bank account. They will then ask you to return the funds to them via Bitcoin as it allows for immediate transfers. This is a way that criminals try to obscure their paper trail. If this occurs, immediately inform your bank of the situation and work with their representatives.

International Account Scam

A scammer will post an advertisement stating that they work for a foreign business that needs a domestic bank account. They will “hire” you to open a domestic account on the behalf of their business, which will then have funds deposited (supposedly revenue for the business). You are then told to withdraw a portion of the funds and send it to the owner via Bitcoin. The scammer may go as far as presenting legal documents for the business. Under no circumstances should you open a domestic account on behalf of a foreign corporation. Immediately inform local authorities of these requests as they typically represent the illicit laundering of proceeds.