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Red Leaf Chicago, LLC d/b/a DigitalMint User Agreement, Privacy & Identity Verification Policy

This User Agreement & Privacy Policy ("Agreement") is a contract between you ("User”) and Red Leaf Chicago, an Illinois Limited Liability Company ("Company") and applies to your use of the DigitalMint Bitcoin Kiosks & Teller Applications and all services described herein (collectively, the "Red Leaf Chicago Services").

By using this or any other DigitalMint Bitcoin Kiosk & Teller Applications , you expressly consent and agree to the terms of this agreement.

You agree and understand that Bitcoin is not legal tender, carries no protection by the FDIC, and the use of bitcoin is subject to all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

You agree that all sales are final, and you understand that bitcoin transactions, by their very nature, are irreversible.

The Company shall not transmit monetary value to another person or to another location for any person. This prohibition does not apply to sending bitcoins to wallets hosted by third-party services, as long as the customer has exclusive access to that hosted wallet.

You agree and consent to receive electronically all communications, agreements, documents, notices and disclosures (collectively, "Communications") that we provide in connection with your use of Red Leaf Chicago Services. Communications include:

You may request to receive via email:

We may provide these Communications to you by posting them to the Red Leaf Chicago website, emailing them to you at the primary email address with which you have contacted us, and communicating to you via instant chat, and/or through other electronic communication such as text message (SMS) or mobile push notification.

Identity Verification:

Red Leaf Chicago may request certain identifying information in order to comply with applicable, laws, policies, and regulations. This information includes, but is not limited to

  1. your name;
  2. your photographic identification;
  3. your address;
  4. your phone number;
  5. your e-mail address;
  6. your date of birth; and social security number

We may share your personal information with: