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Are Bitcoin ATMs Profitable for Your Business?

Yes, hosting a Bitcoin ATM or Teller offers many benefits, including additional passive revenue to your existing business. DigitalMint has no revenue share restrictions, so your earning potential is unlimited. See below for other DigitalMint partner benefits.

  • Generate Free Revenue Stream

    Earn extra income selling Bitcoin. DigitalMint generously compensates business partners.

  • Increase Foot Traffic

    Offering a rapidly growing digital currency like Bitcoin generates new customer foot traffic in your business.

  • Customer Support

    DigitalMint provides support to your employees and customers seven days a week to ensure efficient transactions.

  • Zero Cost or Risk to Your Business

    Selling Bitcoin costs nothing. DigitalMint is responsible for all costs,materials, training, marketing, support, and legal compliance.

  • Free Advertising

    DigitalMint provides free digital advertising and marketing campaigns to give your business greater exposure to customers.

  • Legal Compliance

    DigitalMint is a fully BSA/AML compliant registered Money Services Business. Founded in 2014, we work with hundreds of locations in the USA.

Inquire about joining the Bitcoin ATM business today!

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