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How do I buy crypto from a teller window?

How to buy Bitcoin and Litecoin from a DigitalMint Teller Window:

  1. Give your phone number to the business representative conducting the transaction.
  2. Present your US government-issued photo ID to the business representative to verify your identity.
  3. Display your crypto wallet QR code for the business representative to scan. The representative will scan your crypto wallet address or enter it manually.
  4. Review and verify the wallet address with the business representative.
  5. Hand the representative the amount of cash you wish to transact. At select locations, credit and debit cards are accepted.
  6. Receive your receipt, after your transaction is complete!

Once you’ve made your purchase, your Bitcoin or Litecoin is instantly transferred to your crypto wallet for spending. You also have the option to receive your crypto on a paper wallet containing the public and private keys relating to your purchased Bitcoin or Litecoin. If you select this option, the business representative will print the paper wallet after the transaction is complete. The crypto on the paper wallet can be added to a mobile wallet at any point in the future.

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