Attention: The bitcoin network is currently experiencing heavy traffic. This is affecting bitcoin users worldwide and causing transactions to process slower than normal. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

How long do Bitcoin ATM transactions take?

For new customers, Bitcoin ATM transactions can take up to 5 minutes. For returning customers, ATM and Teller Window transactions can take less than 1 minute. Once your transaction is complete, your Bitcoin will arrive in your wallet within 15 minutes of your purchase.

If your Bitcoin is not delivered within 15 minutes of your purchase:

  1. Refresh your wallet application or browser! If you are using a wallet app on a mobile device or desktop, close the application and relaunch it.
  2. Some digital currency wallets don't show transactions until they are confirmed on the blockchain, so even though we send your Bitcoin immediately, you may not see it right away. Check your transaction on blockchain.info or blockcypher.com. Use your Bitcoin wallet address to search for your transaction.
  3. Bitcoin transactions under $300 get batched together into blocks, which can sometimes take about 45 minutes to be reflected in your wallet.

If there’s a separate problem, or if your transaction is not showing up on the blockchain, give us a call at 855-274-2900 and our Customer Support team can help you out!

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